The Strongest kept the classic La Paz after crushing Bolívar 0-4

The Strongest kept the classic La Paz after crushing Bolívar 0-4

July 31, 2022, 7:32 PM

July 31, 2022, 7:32 PM

The Strongest crushed Bolívar by thrashing him 0-4. The academy did not make a defensive foot, scored two goals against, missed two penalties at the feet of Francisco da Costa and Patricio Rodriguez. The tabby team had five consecutive victories (three of them with Claudio Biaggio as coach).

Bolívar handled the ball and approached repeatedly without efficiency. The brindle rival hit aggressively on two occasions and made the defense and the academic arch tremble.

In the 20th minute Saúl Torres sent a long ball looking for Martín Prost, the striker took advantage of César Martins’ false start and entered the area to send a cross. The receiver was Enrique Triverio, who wanted to push the ball, but Luis Haquin was ahead of him, conceding the 0-1 in favor of his rival.

Bolívar responded immediately. At 24′ a penalty was sanctioned for the Celestes, after a good wall between Javier Uzeda and Gabriel Villamil. Javier touched and stepped on the area, Villamil returned and before taking the shot, Uzeda was brought down by Torres. Clear penalty for Bolívar.

Francisco da Costa executed the penalty itching the ball and Guillermo Viscarra stayed in the center. The Brazilian striker squandered the opportunity to level the score 30 minutes into the game.

At 35′ the match was stopped due to a call from the VAR. The judges in the technology found an imperceptible hand of Adrián Jusino and another penalty was sanctioned for Bolívar. Patricio Rodríguez sent a center that was cleared by Jusino, but the defender had jumped with his fist up.

Hand and technological penalty for the celestial. It was no longer ‘Xico’, but ‘Patito’ who again wasted the fateful shot. In 10 minutes Bolívar had two penalties and missed both.

The second half was very even at times. Bolívar went ahead with everything to look for the tie, while The Strongest had a couple of clear opportunities that he failed to capitalize on.

In the 70th minute, Fernando Saucedo executed a free kick from the left sector. The center was very poisonous, and in the attempt to reject, César Martins headed and dislodged his goalkeeper. Goal against the Brazilian who made it 0-2 in favor of Achumani’s men

Bolívar was beaten, and his classic rival scored him 0-3 at 75′ through a great definition by Enrique Triverio. The striker left Cordano on the way and defined with the bow at the mercy.

With a Bolívar completely blurred, and desperate to find the discounts, Jeyson Chura received clearance from Diego Wayar and finished off for the final 0-4.

Third consecutive victory for the tiger of ‘Pampa’ Biaggio. In those three meetings with the Argentine as a strategist, The Strongest scored 12 goals. Aurora, Always Ready, and Bolívar were his victims.

Bolívar has yet to undertake a trip to play two friendly matches in Europe against the Portuguese Boavista and the Spanish Girona. Meanwhile, a reserve team will stay to play the eighth date against Nacional Potosí at the Villa Imperial.

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