Almost 1.3 million people visited the Rural exhibition in Palermo

Almost 1.3 million people visited the Rural exhibition in Palermo

(Photo: Victoria Egurza)

The 134th Exhibition of Livestock, Agriculture and International Industry, which closed its doors this Sunday, was visited by almost 1,300,000 peopleboth face-to-face and virtual, according to the Argentine Rural Society (SRA).

The president of the SRA, Nicholas Pineaffirmed that “these eleven days were a demonstration of the potential that the field has to contribute to the construction of a new Argentina. We have the tools, the knowledge, the technology and the commitment to contribute to development. We just need clear and fair rules.”

At the 2022 Rural Expo there was more than 400 stands, 2,500 animals, 14 participating provinces and more than 100 conferences and training talks.

Photo Victoria Egurza
(Photo: Victoria Egurza)

An outstanding aspect of the sample was the genetics that was shown in the oaths of each breed and the technology of machinery and tools for the field, in addition to the Agtech.

“The producers, breeders, exhibitors and partners of the SRA demonstrate here the excellence of their work. They exhibit world-class genetics and the latest innovations to optimize activity in the field and in food production,” said Nicolás Pino .

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