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The Social Security Fund would have an answer about the end of the ANFACSS strike next week

Judith Pena | December 28, 2022

Several proposals for an agreement to end the strike were presented this Wednesday, December 28, by authorities of the Social Security Fund (CSS) before the representatives of the unions of administrative officials who are in a work stoppage.

According to Edwin Salamín, general secretary of the CSS, after meeting with the leaders of the National Association of Administrative Officials of the Social Security Fund (Anfacss) there were several advances, including the acceptance by the administration of non-retaliation against unemployed officials to return to their work, which was one of the points raised by the unions.

He stressed that in the future there will be no type of administrative or disciplinary action as a result of the strike that has been going on for two months.

He reported that the officials accepted the proposals; however, they expressed that the proposals must be consulted with the bases to give answers no later than next week.

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