Nicaraguan Traffic Police "hunted" 8,755 drivers between December 19 and 25

Nicaraguan Traffic Police “hunted” 8,755 drivers between December 19 and 25

The Nicaraguan traffic police applied 8 thousand 755 fines between December 19 and 25, as part of the so-called “National Road Emergency Plan”, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.

senior commissioner Edgard Sanchez Ruiz, second head of the National Traffic Security Directorate, reported on Tuesday, December 27, that the fines were related “to the main causes that cause traffic accidents with victims”, such as speeding, lane invasion and driving in a state of emergency. drunkenness.

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Regarding the motorcycle operation, the police institution reported that 214 drivers were intoxicated and were transferred to police units, occupying 351 motorcycles. also applied 2 thousand 225 fines to motorcyclists who were not wearing a protective helmet.

Despite the high number of sanctioned violations, the Police at the service of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo did not report the total amount of money they would be collecting.

22 people died in a traffic accident

Regarding the weekly report of traffic accidents, Sánchez Ruiz reported that 884 collisions occurred, resulting in 22 people deceased Y 57 injured.

He also detailed that of the 22 people who died, 15 were drivers, six passengers and one pedestrian. The main causes with deaths were: 10 due to drunk driving, eight due to speeding and four due to improper turns.

Nicaraguan traffic police, on the “hunt” in December. Photo: Article 66 / La Prensa

According to the agent of the Ortega dictatorship, “in relation to the previous week, the deaths and two the injured increased by seven.” He also details that 214 motorcyclists were driving drunk and were fined and transferred to police units, occupying 351 motorcycles.

Traffic police officers in Nicaragua are accused of asking drivers for “bites” so as not to fine them. Also, in various viral videos on social networks, the corrupt behavior of some officers has been documented.

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