The “Soccer Dolphin” does it again: Fast like nobody else in 50 meters! (+ Videos)

The world record holder and Guinness Jhoen Lefont seems not to have been affected much by the period of more than a year of quarantine. Although to be exact, he confessed to me in our talk that the years 2020-2021 have seemed fatal to him.

Fortunately, as I have said on more than one occasion, his will is unlimited, as well as the kicking power of his legs in the water, which, on this occasion, like a speedboat, saw him cover the 50 meters of the Olympic pool of the Complex Baraguá in impressive 1: 01.90 minutes.

And I say impressive because the previous level set by Lefont himself in that category was set at 1:14 and fraction, amply pulverized this time with just over two months of preparation, in addition to being overweight that the dominator himself did not doubt in setting between 5-6 kilograms.

To which must be added the fact that practically the assembly for the record was coordinated in two days, taking advantage of the coverage and opportunity of a competitive modeling of water sports for the first Junior Pan American Games in Cali, (swimming, diving and synchronized swimming), which also had a television broadcast.

Then, in the midst of a hustle longed for for more than a year and a half, Lefont’s lightning crusade began, with a fleeting warm-up in the 25-meter pool and determination as one of his main perennial allies.

About this stage, his brand, future projects and the abruptness of preparing in conditions of a Covid-19 pandemic, the record holder spoke with Cuba Yes:

“The trainings have been intermittently, due to the issue of the pandemic; but I have always felt good or had the approach in mind for this intensive modality. In 2019, for the 500th anniversary of Havana, we tried it, along with the 500-meter one.

Then I tried to keep the trainings, but the Covid pandemic forced me to interrupt them.

I really did not have the constancy that I would have wanted, but in the last two months and so much we have resumed the planning we had and this Saturday the record came out practically unexpectedly.

In fact, we had it projected for December. It happens that when this competitive modeling was organized for the youth athletes who will go to Cali, we collegiate it with my coach and we decided to carry it out ”.

Were they confident that the previous mark could be lowered? Where do you focus the physical work in this intensive modality?

“In the training controls we had made the time, and it came out, thank God. Here in this type of modality I focus on work on short distances and explosiveness. Practice a lot the snatch, the touch, fundamental issues. The more you train speed, reaction at the start and finish, you can save time on those issues.

The first 20 meters are crucial in terms of the rhythm and frequency of the kick, without neglecting the balance of the ball.

I combine that with the fund for the other modalities. I practice some touch, but not much, as it is not necessary for this balance test clearly.

Leg strength is crucial, and at times I was training in the pool with ballast to strengthen them, and then towards the final stage I eliminated it, and tried to focus on the routines that I normally have built in. They tried to complement all the favorable elements ”.

The subject of body weight, how much influences a possible performance?

“Weight has been a constant enemy of mine, even somewhat since the days of water polo. I am currently 5-6 kg over my weight, although I think about the training sessions to continue lowering them and stabilize the dynamics and regain my weight close to the ideal, close to 100-102 kg, and continue the preparation focused on the next modality that I want to break, which is the one with the most touches, set at 1,664.

It’s the next thing I’m projecting. I want to start 2022 with that modality, and see if I can reach or get close to 1,800 touches.

We have been planning that goal and we need to redesign the work, incorporate many aerobic exercises and strengthen other planes such as lower back, neck, shoulders …

And to regulate the weight, although it is positive to start the preparation for that record with this weight, because later if I reach the optimum shape, I would feel much more comfortable ”.

Family support and someone you want to bypass?

“Special greetings to the entire Lefont team, many of whom could not be present in this record because, as I mentioned, it was a last minute organized event. I could not tell everyone but I always have them present. Fortunately, the presence of international swimming judges helps me to validate the record, as well as the recording by the Tele Rebelde channel. And a whole staff that helps me with compilation and testimonies to prepare the file to validate the record.

I always have everyone in mind, I hug the whole family of the ball control, especially another one for my parents, who with the issue of the pandemic we have been estranged, but it has been for the good of all.

I cannot fail to mention the management of the complex, the health personnel and the physiotherapist of the national teams, who have always given me their support with any issue that may have appeared … “

Lefont exudes will. He has tried to lead a normal life regime in times of forced fiefdom established by the coronavirus. It has been very complicated for all of us.

However, his will is unquestionable, since it should be remembered that he was simultaneously for two years water polo at the highest level in our country, with mastery of the ball, until in 2012 he completely decided to dedicate himself to this last singular activity, for the one that was baptized like the “Dolphin of the Soccer”.

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