Madrid, for another diamond

Madrid, for another diamond

Brazil is witnessing the emergence of a new garoto that threatens to follow in the footsteps of the last to arrive in Europe. His name is Matheus França, he is 17 years old, he plays for Flamengo and his recent performances in the club’s lower teams have not gone unnoticed in Europe. Nor, of course, in Madrid, an expert who knows the Brazilian market thanks to the presence of Juni Calafat, head of the international football and recruitment department.

In recent weeks Matheus signed an extension of his contract until 2027 with a clause of 100 million, the highest in the history of Mengao. The goal is to get as much out of it as possible in a future sale. They know that in the coming months there will be a lot of teams asking. La Copinha, which is played in January and is considered the definitive showcase, will have their presence. This was the tournament precisely in which Vinicius was captured by Madrid, despite Barça’s strong interest in him as well.

Flamengo fans welcome their new idol with open arms, who has already trained with the first team and is very close to making his debut. His latest goals for the U-17 and U-20 teams have gone viral right away. TO Palmeiras overwhelmed him in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil U20 with four goals in the first leg and another two in the second leg. Against Vasco, in the Brasileirao Sub-20, he was also key with two goals in the second leg of the playoffs.

A physical marvel and scorer

Matheus França is an attacking player who can deliver on any flank. He is right-handed, has power, reaches the area well and has a lot of goal. He fits in well on the right due to his imbalance at the back of the wings, but he has also played as a reference and has a nose in the area. With Brazil he has also been called up in the lower categories and is considered one of the stars of the 2004 generation who must play the next South American and U-20 World Cup. He himself has recognized that his idol is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Madrid’s relationship with Flamengo is very good at the moment, which has allowed operations such as those of Vinicius and Reinier to be carried out in recent years. The first is right now one of the stars of the white team, after a few years of settlement; the second, meanwhile, is on loan at Dortmund waiting for him to gain the confidence he needs at his age. For Vinicius, Madrid paid 45 million; by Reinier, 35. It remains to be seen how much Matheus França costs and where it goes. By progression, offers will not be lacking.

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