La situación se mantiene bajo control en La Zurza, dice Salud Pública

The situation remains under control in La Zurza, says Public Health

SANTO DOMINGO. – The Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MISPAS) held a follow-up meeting on Tuesday with the aim of taking stock of the intervention that it has ordered in the La Zurza sector in the National District, where an outbreak of cholera has been registered in past days.

The meeting was headed by Vice Minister Dr. Eladio Pérez, who highlighted the work carried out by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with other State institutions, which remain vigilantly in place, in order to follow up on cases on the ground.

Among the works that are carried out in the place, the vice minister said that in general the intervention that has been prepared has contributed considerably to the fact that new cases do not arise.

He also indicated that through the Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD), they are being supplied with water by means of tanker trucks that have the appropriate chlorination parameters so that they can be supplied and meet their needs.

He said that an evaluation is being made in the cisterns of the schools in the sector, to clean them, supply them with chlorinated water and that in all cases the chlorine dosage has been increased by 80 percent and the protocol is maintained.

He specified that monitoring of the water processors that work in La Zurza and nearby places is maintained, in order to avoid outbreaks and maintain greater control of the supply and origin of the liquid.

He stressed that the Ministry of Health has installed hospital tents from which service is provided to suspected cases, while through the National Health Service surveillance is maintained from the hospitals close to the sector, where conditions have been reinforced and spaces set up for the management of suspicious cases with the materials and supplies necessary for timely care.

House-to-house visits are also maintained in search of suspected cases, and some seven patients have been recruited, who have been taken to the points installed, providing them with care and all of them with negative results.

On his side, Dr. Jesús Suardí, Director of Health Area IV, expressed the satisfaction with which the residents of La Zurza have welcomed the intervention led by the Ministry of Public Health.

“The situation is kept under control, surveillance remains from the place and in the hospitals, likewise the Santo Domingo city council has carried out a cleaning day that has been very well received by the residents, the monitoring will continue and the information will be provided timely manner,” said Dr. Suardí.

The activity took place in the Situations Room of the Ministry of Health, where the following were present: Luis Salcedo and Wilfredo Gorge, from the CAASD; Nelson Lora, from the Ministry of Education (MINERD); Laura Taveras and Deborah Disla from the National Health Service.

The Ministry of Health was represented by Dr. Ronald Skews, director of Epidemiology; Gina Estrella, Director of Risk Management and Disaster Assistance; Dr. Francisco Araujo, from the Vice Ministry of Human Consumption Products and Carlos Cueto from Environmental Health.

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