The services of the future

The services of the future

By: Gabriela Jiménez / Corporate Publicist

Almost two years after the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, micro-businesses, SMEs and entrepreneurs have needed to look for alternatives to survive and get ahead. In Bolivia, it pushed us towards greater informality and most saw an opportunity in the trade of products, others decided to create a micro-business; and the established companies were reduced in capacity and in number of workers.

The reality is that most people chose to buy and sell food and staples products, quickly recovering their investment, while maintaining their liquidity. But it is essential and it is time to think long term, if we want to face and get out of this crisis as quickly as possible. Yes, it is true, we must create new companies that generate jobs, however, it is much more important to create companies and service ventures, especially companies that generate high value to society, thinking about a more digitized future, as well as the they have been doing highly technological companies in the world.

According to the latest Ericsson study (2021), the companies of the future will use digitization for their profitability and sustainability, they will work remotely, with 5G networks, digitization and on the cloud; This study identifies the six main trends that companies will face in 2030: digitized companies, remote work, extended reality and 5G, collaborative economy, international expansion, and the path to zero emissions.

In this scenario, it is important and essential to join the digital world. That means being able to sell digitally, generate content in digital spaces, and if you haven’t already done so, accelerate their generation. If they do not adapt, many SMEs will disappear from the market.

It is vital that the different actors in society join in the support of SMEs and entrepreneurs seeking the future in service companies. Let’s invest in science and technology! This will make our country recover faster, we acquire a startup mentality and we bet on early innovation, where experimentation and constant feedback from users are part of the development of products-services, adding value to the life of the client, with improvement continuous and steady growth. It is time to invest in services and technology and for Bolivians to see the whole world as a market.

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