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The Senate reverses the Chamber’s refusal and replenishes resources for human rights institutions: including the Museum of Memory

In the midst of the discussion for the 2023 Budget, the Senate Chamber approved, almost unanimously, to replenish the funds destined for 11 institutions and foundations linked to Human Rights (DD.HH.). Among them, the Museum of Memory, beaten by the opposition in the Lower House.

These are the funds of the National Cultural Heritage Service, under which organizations and programs such as Villa Grimaldi, Londres 38, Fundación Frei and Fundación Salvador Allende also operate. This, after the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies rejected the financing of these institutions, with objections supported to the letter by parliamentarians of the National Renewal (RN) and the Republican Party.

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“The Executive presented 41 indications to replace some funds rejected or officiate some that were declared inadmissible. Also to better incorporate and adjust the budget to parliamentary concerns,” said the Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel, at the beginning of the session in the Senate yesterday. The indications of the Government, as added by the head of the fiscal wallet, “in many cases reflect a concern that was expressed in the previous discussion that did not have a good solution in the way in which glosses were approved.”

One of the critics was Senator Rojo Edwards of the Republican Party, who, in line with the opposition, focused on public safety and criticized that the Museum of Memory “takes resources comparable to all the other museums combined.” “It’s good that it exists, but there has to be reasonableness in what is being spent,” he said.

For her part, Senator Yasna Provoste (DC), stated that “we have not forgotten the suffering of many and many and we will continue to support the Memory, Democratic Heritage and Human Rights programs.”

The one who celebrated the news was the senator of the Communist Party (PC) Daniel Núñez, emphasizing that it was achieved almost unanimously, except for the abstention of RN senator Juan Castro, to approve the replacement of the resources for the Museum and Memory sites. In his opinion, “it is a civilizing minimum that we must safeguard in order to promote the defense of Human Rights.”

“A country that does not want to make the same mistake again, cannot stop supporting a public policy that disseminates the Memory and respect for Human Rights, but at the same time that does not ignore truths that the State has recognized as truths, not a political sector. The State has recognized as true the violations of Human Rights during the dictatorship both in the Retig report and in the Valech Report,” added Senator Claudia Pascual (PC).

It is worth mentioning that the replenishment of funds from the Ministries of the Interior and Agriculture also marked this day of the budget debate. In addition, the corresponding resources for Congress, Servel, the Judiciary, National Assets, Energy, Environment and Sports were endorsed without debate.

Regarding the resources for the Presidency, Comptroller, Public Ministry, Foreign Relations, Economy, Treasury, Science and Technology, Defense, Mining and MOP, they received indications, which in some cases were rejected. Likewise, the resources for the INDH were reinstated, which were also rejected in the Chamber of Deputies.

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