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Chamber establishes commission to analyze PEC on nursing floor

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This Wednesday (23), the Chamber of Deputies established a special commission to analyze the Proposal for an Amendment to the Constitution that will allow for the expansion of the limit on expenses with active personnel in the areas of health and education.

The text has the objective of making possible the minimum wage for nursing, which is suspended due to decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in view of the lack of definition about funding sources. Party leaders must indicate 34 holders and 34 substitutes who will participate in the commission so that the collegiate is formally installed.

Deputy Carmen Zanotto (Cidadania-SC), rapporteur for the minimum wage, said that another proposal will be included in the text of the PEC that authorizes the use of the surplus of federal public funds to finance the new minimum wages for the category.

“Nursing cannot wait. Therefore, we are going to install this special commission as soon as possible and we are going to guarantee the report also within the 10 sessions. With this parliamentary initiative, we are guaranteeing part of the funding sources serving states, municipalities, and the union and also serving philanthropic hospitals”, he said.

Deputy Mauro Benevides Filho stated that his proposal defines the source of funds for the payment of the minimum wage for nursing throughout the country without compromising the tax revenues of federal entities.

“We are dealing exclusively with the financial surplus of federal funds – between R$ 10 billion and 11 billion – for the payment of the floor”, he explained.

*With information from the Chamber Agency

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