The roadblock in San Julián is maintained;  they request the presence of Governor Camacho

The roadblock in San Julián is maintained; they request the presence of Governor Camacho

The highway that connects Santa Cruz with Beni continues to be blocked. The municipal authorities and the residents of San Julián entered the third day of the blockade this Wednesday, requesting that Governor Luis Fernando Camacho arrive at the place to dialogue and to form work commissions in search of solutions to their demands.

Pedro Damián Dorado, vice president of Amdecruz (Association of Municipalities of Santa Cruz), in the program A primer hora of EL DEBER Radio, said that the governor “You have to go down to San Julián, set up technical work tables and provide solutions to our demands, which are old in the municipality.”

Dorado, who is related to the MAS, was critical of Camacho’s management, since he assures that, despite the fact that there are economic resources for the payment of royalties to the municipalities (he speaks of Bs 800 million), they have not been disbursed since that the management of the departmental government began. On the other hand, they demand the modification of the amount assigned for the school breakfast ration, which currently contemplates Bs 0.90.

He also responded to the departmental authorities, who indicated that the blockade has a political background and that it is associated with the presence of former President Evo Morales in San Julián last Sunday. “That’s not true,” he said, noting that Santa Cruz is not being harmed either.

He insists that after 13 letters sent to the Government of Santa Cruz, without receiving a response, they opted for the blockade to be heard. “They intimidate us, misrepresent us, misinform us, we are threatened. That should not be the solution of an elected authority,” said the leader.

So far, six municipalities in Chiquitania -related to the MAS- have announced that they will join the measure if necessary. According to Dorado, in the next few hours they assure that they will receive support from the areas of Los Valles, Chaco and the Integrated North.

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