Government of Minas opens public consultation on highway concession

Municipality of Tocantins wants to privatize beach for three years

The Municipality of Peixe, a municipality in the south of Tocantins, launched a public notice to grant the private sector the right to economically explore Tartaruga Beach for a period of three years.Municipality of Tocantins wants to privatize beach for three years

Proposals from interested companies will be received this Wednesday (25th), and the winner’s remuneration will be exclusively for the exploration of public spaces during the beach season.

The public notice contemplates the exploration of the parking area and the entire beach space, with approximately 2 thousand square meters.

The contracted company will be responsible for carrying out and operating the season between the months of June and August. The services to be provided by the winning company include the realization, organization, coordination and execution of all events, with the provision of security guards, artistic shows, license licenses and health surveillance and whatever else is necessary.

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