The Purple Party will give a vote of confidence if Aníbal Torres withdraws the Ministers of Health and Transport

The Purple Party will give a vote of confidence if Aníbal Torres withdraws the Ministers of Health and Transport

The bench of He announced that he will give the vote of confidence to the Ministerial Cabinet headed by Aníbal Torres if the Ministers of Health, Hernán Condori, and Transport, Juan Silva Villegas, are withdrawn.

At a press conference this Thursday the 17th after meeting with Torres Vásquez at the headquarters of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the congresswoman flower paul indicated that for now the modification of the position will not be evaluated until the requested changes are made.

“If they do not make the corrections, especially in the appointment of two ministers, Transport and Health, we are not going to evaluate giving the vote of confidence. So far we are not going to give the vote until these changes are made in the appointments “he expressed.

“We believe that they have an opportunity to amend and correct errors, but just as they ask for the vote of confidence, we ask for a cabinet that responds to these trajectories that we have already had. Unfortunately, they do not give us a guarantee of good management”he added.

While, Susel Paredes qualified as “untenable” the presence of the Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva Villegasin the PCM and questioned that the motion of censure against him has not had the necessary support in Congress.

Regarding the head of Health, Hernán Condori, the parliamentarian of the Purple Party criticized the appointment of veterinarian William Córdova as advisor in the midst of the third wave of COVID-19.

“The presence of the Minister of Transportation, Juan Silva, is unsustainable and it is a shame. How is it possible that only 12 congressmen have signed the motion of censure. That minister cannot be one more day in the Government and because of that presence we are very clear that this cabinet is poorly formed “he stated.

“The second presence that the premier has to withdraw, and suggest to the president, is the Minister of Health, who appoints a veterinarian as an advisor. We are in a pandemic and he gives us an advisory veterinarian? Do you think that with this background we are going to give the vote of confidence? That is why we have told the premier to reflect so that he withdraws the two ministers”he added.

Finally, Edward Malaga Trillo reiterated that the bench of Purple Party requested two specific changes, after which the change of position regarding the vote of confidence will be evaluated.

“I think we do not have to delve into more detail about the ministers questioned, but there are others that we can probably deal with from Congress by questioning, censoring, citing, calling for explanations”narrowed down

“We have made it very clear to him that the responsibility for this chaos, for this crisis, lies primarily with the President of the Republic”sentenced the legislator in statements to the press.


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