Public jobs increase in Social Security after cleaning up payrolls

Public jobs increase in Social Security after cleaning up payrolls

Since July of last year, the number of jobs in the State began to increase each month in the records of the Social Security Treasury (TSS) until closing 2021 at 688,075. The Minister of Public Administration attributes this increase “to a regularization process” that is carried out in public institutions.

“Regarding the payroll, this management found irregularities that have been corrected, such as servers that appeared on different payrolls, pensioners, deceased and deprived of liberty who were as active employees, and those who received salaries, without fulfilling functions in the public administration,” Minister Darío Castillo Lugo told Diario Libre.

Consequently, he said that the authorities proceeded to purge the payrolls, of which there were different types: permanent public servants, contracted, temporary, military personnel and others. “And not all of them were published on the transparency portals of public institutions.”

The official reports that, as a result of said process, there are now only two types of payroll: permanent and temporary employees.

He recalled that resolution 113-21 of the Ministry of Public Administrationwhich entered into force on August 1, 2021, “normalized the modalities for entering public office, recognizing the designation or appointment, permanent or temporary, as the only way to formalize the employment relationship between public institutions and their servants.”

As of this resolution, the employees who were contracted were transferred to the payroll of temporary servers. “And many of them, and those who were on other payrolls that were not fixed, did not enjoy social security rights; then, in this process of regularization and transfer, an increase in the public payrollin relation to the data provided by the Sisalril (Superintendence of Health and Occupational Risks), because now those servers are registered in the social security”, he explains.

In January 2020, the TSS registered 674,463 public sector jobs, a figure that fell to 624,982 in June 2021, but the following month 4,682 were added to that number.

By the end of 2021, in December, the salary mass of the public sector registered in the Dominican Social Security System amounted to RD$21,992.1 million, with the average salary being RD$34,833.6, an amount higher than the average of the private sector, which for that same date was of RD$25,899.3.


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“Until July 2021, a downward trend was reflected in the number of public servants, due to the reorganization of the payroll of permanent employees, employees who were registered in the Social Security Treasury”, observes the minister.

“But,” he continues, “when resolution 113-21 came into force in August of last year, the transfer from the other payrolls to those of fixed and temporary servers began, as the case may be, and those who did not have the right to social security, they acquire it, in such a way that an increase in the public payroll”.

Castillo Lugo insists that the increase is not due, “necessarily, to the entry of more servers.” “Although yes, there are new employees, but it is more about the transparency and normalization that we have carried out, in this government administration.”

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