The Prosecutor's Office summons Arias to testify, this time for a case of political violence

The Prosecutor’s Office summons Arias to testify, this time for a case of political violence

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The mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, was summoned by the Prosecutor’s Office to testify for a case of “political violence” that was denounced by the former deputy mayor Jacqueline Chavarría, who was dismissed in September for a complaint of alleged corruption.

For the authority, his summons “is a new absurdity” and part of a plan of “political persecution” against him.

The mayor must appear on Wednesday, November 10 at 08:30 at the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Gender-Based Crimes, Sexual Violence, Trafficking and Trafficking of the La Paz Public Ministry, according to the tax notification.

Arias confirmed that he will attend the summons, although he considers that it is “detrimental” for his management at a time when he is carrying out the neighborhood talks in the districts of the municipality of La Paz.

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According to the Municipal News Agency, Chavarría was dismissed on September 9 along with the then deputy mayor of Mallasa, Sheyla Dávalos “for alleged acts of corruption that were detected by the Transparency Directorate of the Mayor’s Office of La Paz. It was learned that Chavarría has to a lawyer from the Ministry of Justice for his defense ”.

At the time, both former officials denounced acts of corruption that were later rejected by the Mayor’s Office.

It is the third time that Arias will appear at the Prosecutor’s Office in recent times. Earlier, he went for the alleged breach of a sentence to restore municipal officials to their sources of work and for the case of discrimination that has affected the former candidate for Mayor of La Paz by the MAS César Dockweiller.

The mayor of La Paz is rooted in a case of alleged illegal appointment when he was Minister of Public Works.

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