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The Prosecutor’s Office ordered expert reports on the fire at the family estate of deputy Diego Paulsen: there is no “action by third parties”

The Prosecutor's Office ordered expert reports on the fire at the family estate of deputy Diego Paulsen: there is no "action by third parties"

The Prosecutor’s Office of La Araucanía reported this Friday that expert reports will be made on the fire that affected the employer’s house belonging to the grandmother of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Diego Paulsen. indications that would indicate action by third parties, also referring to the fact that the sector is being affected by forest fires that began on February 7,” Daniela San Martín, a spokesperson lawyer, detailed in a preliminary way, who cleared the first versions that pointed to the fact as an arson attack.

The incident occurred around 8:00 p.m. this Thursday at the Porvenir farm located in the Galvarino commune and which belonged to the grandmother of the National Renovation parliamentarian, completely affecting the house on the site.

Also, the lawyer wanted to emphasize that “the farm has protection measures in force, regular daytime patrols and a nightly fixed point”, in order to protect it from some type of attack.

Although they ruled out outside intervention, San Martín assured that in the same way “the Prosecutor’s Office ordered the concurrence of the Carabineros Criminalistics Laboratory with the purpose of carrying out the rigor tests to determine the causes of the origin of the fire.”

In disagreement is the same deputy, who in conversation with Third, During this day, he stated that in his opinion the fire was the work of third parties.

“This starts three days ago. A large part of the forest area and the stubble already threshed in the field is consumed. This fire is controlled, it leaves the field, advances to other places and the day before yesterday they intentionally set fire to the forest behind the house”, explained Paulsen, for which he made the corresponding complaints.

Although for the president of the Chamber, “it is the same as always, finally the complaint is made, an investigative process begins, nothing is achieved because literally those who commit these acts do it in secret, perhaps in hours when there is less traffic of people, therefore, achieve their goal,” he said.

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