The Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation against Congressman Edgar Tello

The Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against Congressman Edgar Tello

The National Prosecutor, Zoraida Avalos, yesterday began a preliminary investigation against the congressman of Free Peru Edgar Tello for the alleged crime of influence peddling. The parliamentarian is accused of interceding with the mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, Álex González, in a public tender.

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According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Tello “in exchange for an economic benefit” would have exerted influence on the mayor so that the House of Women Consortium obtained the good pro for the construction of the work of the house of women in SJL for more than S/15 million.

In the tax provision, to which Peru21 had access, a series of chats were presented, via WhatsApp, between Tello and Miguel Ángel Salinas Camac, head of a criminal organization, where there is evidence of alleged influence peddling.

The Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation against Congressman Edgar Tello

These conversations were obtained after a diligence of the property seized from Salinas, who was arrested last January and accused as one of the leaders of the mafia dedicated to appropriating the money from the flows of the Municipality of Ventanilla.


In a conversation with Perú21, Edgar Tello – a friend of President Pedro Castillo since 2017 – attacked Zoraida Ávalos. The parliamentarian defended himself by saying that she is a “victim of slander and defamation.”

Likewise, the congressman confirmed that he does know Miguel Salinas and acknowledged having held conversations with him via WhatsApp.

“I know Mr. Salinas, but as part of the citizens who come to my office and who come to public events. I have conversations with many citizens who write to me. Probably (the conversations exist), as I do with all citizens, ”he said.

Regarding the mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho, he said that “we have a relationship of public officials.”


-In September 2021, Peru21 revealed that Tello met 15 times with Jesús Canchos, sentenced for terrorism. In addition, he hired the daughter of the latter in his office

-In October 2021, this newspaper reported Tello’s links with Conare-Movadef, SL’s political arm.


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The head of the Judiciary, Elvia Barrios, pointed out that the current situation in the country “requires open dialogue between institutions.” In addition, Pedro Castillo has not yet defined the recomposition of his cabinet. Also, Karelim Lopez falsifies the Covid-19 test and misses Congress. And, the US has a gesture towards Iran on sanctions in the final stretch of nuclear talks.

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