Odebrecht presents delays in correcting pending works in Terminal 2 of the Tocumen airport

Four months after the contractual period of the Expansion Program of the Tocumen International Airport, which includes Terminal 2, has concluded, the contractor Odebrecht (CNO) presents notable delays and poor performance in the correction of slopes, guarantees and other unexecuted activities that correspond to the original scope of Contract No. 038/12.

A report from the inspector of the work updated to January 31, 2022, indicates that 378 pending works are about to be corrected. In the last Addendum, CNO, SA undertook to deliver to Tocumen, SA the work completely completed by September 30, 2021.

After Tocumen, SA proceeded with the administrative resolution of the contract due to non-compliance within the contractual execution period, the contractor company CNO presented legal resources that allow it to continue working, while the judicial courts issue their final criteria.

The inspection report shows that CNO does not have more than 30 people at the Tocumen airport and has not provided a completion schedule for the works despite repeated requests.

On the other hand, there are still more than 49 uncorrected pending corresponding to the Act of Substantial Reception of Work No. 2 signed in January 2019 and 305 works to attend due to construction or reconstruction defects covered by the performance bond, which have been notified to the contractor company and the insurance company for their due attention.

According to the contractor, since February 2020 the works of Terminal 2 of the Tocumen international airport register more than 99% progress. However, they do not conclude works that are key to the airport operation.

Terminal 2 will open in a few weeks

Despite the breach of the contractor, the plan is being executed so that Terminal 2 begins operations in the first four months of the year.

The General Manager of the Tocumen International Airport, SA, Raffoul Arab indicated: “We are obliged to put into production a work that has cost the Panamanian people 917 million dollars. It is urgent to integrate it into the plans of President Laurentino Cortizo and his government, for the country’s economic recovery and tourism.”

He added that a large part of the facilities are usable and safe, but he will not waive the right to receive all the work 100%, according to the contract.

Tocumen, SA reiterates that it maintains its purpose of protecting the best interests of the State unchanged, and will continue to exercise the legal remedies permitted by Law, to achieve the conclusion of Terminal 2, to full satisfaction.

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