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The president of the PAN avoids putting his hands in the fire for Alejandro Moreno

Fabiola Martinez

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday June 3, 2022, p. 6

Without committing explicit support to Alejandro Moreno, leader of the PRI, member of the opposition alliance, the president of the PAN, Marko Cortés, stated that this coalition is giving clear results to the country and this was seen with the rejection of the constitutional reform initiative in electrical matters.

What we did was take care of and defend Mexico, and for that alone the coalition is worth it.declared to the press.

–Will they make evaluations of the Va por México alliance (integrated by PAN, PRI and PRD)? –She asked him.

-There are always evaluations. (The current one) is that we managed to contain (Morena); we prevented them from having a qualified majority. The Va por México coalition has paid off.

–Do you guarantee that alliance for 2024?

–This alliance has to go step by step; we have to continue serving the country, the coalition is tested every day.

-Are today’s statements a boost to Alejandro Moreno? -He was insisted, referring to the released audios in which the leader of the tricolor He talks about undeclared payments before the authority, among other conversations for which he has been accused at the National Electoral Institute.

-What Mexico needs is that all of us who see the country in the wrong direction, from bad to worse (unite). Beyond successes and mistakes, we need to hold hands to take care of and defend Mexico –he answered.

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