Distributors of OrdenYa are still on strike despite the fact that there were agreements, according to the company

After reaching an agreement with the company OrdensYa, which implied a change to a mixed income scheme that adds $2.20 for each order, plus other benefits, the authorized distributors decided to remain on strike.

According to OrdensYa, after a week of the strike by the distributors who provide services to the platform, yesterday, Thursday, June 2, after a new conversation with the spokespersons, the company presented a beneficial proposal for both sectors and that affects in which the income of the distributors is higher.

This proposal was accepted by the spokespersons, who promised to suspend the strike once this new scheme was communicated to the distributors. After this extraordinary effort on the part of the company, and having complied with the communication, the spokespersons for the distributors unexpectedly rejected the previously accepted agreement, with a closed and hostile position that complicates any possible dialogue.

The company had the intention of reaching a fair agreement for all parties, reactivating the service and stopping the affectation both for the delivery people themselves, as well as for the company, thousands of businesses and users who choose it day by day, but in these instances deeply regrets that the group did not accept a mutually beneficial proposal and that they did not keep their word.

As a responsible company, OrdensYa will continue to work to put an end to this situation, while vigorously defending its legal regime, and frontally rejecting threats and acts of violence against those delivery people and businesses that want to provide the service.

The company reiterates the call for social peace, and the sensible and real analysis of the counterproposal presented.

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