Drug cartel in Medellín ‘squared’ the crime of prosecutor Pecci in Cartagena, but an international organization would have paid for it

prosecutor Pecci captured Criminal Command
Some media have revealed that the payment to kill prosecutor Pecci in Cartagena would be $120,000. Capital Command, would be involved

Some media have revealed that the payment to kill prosecutor Pecci, who had come from Paraguay to spend his honeymoon with his wife on Isla Barú, would be $120,000. He would be involved, the First Capital Command.

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The Paraguayan anti-corruption prosecutor, Marcelo Pecci, arrived in Cartagena at the beginning of May, he was on vacation for a month to organize his wedding and honeymoon, “a very small group knew that he was coming to Colombia,” his colleagues said at the time. , in Colombian territory, they killed him. A hitman that generated commotion and that, without a doubt, would have tentacles of international criminal organizations.

Neither the Police nor the Prosecutor’s Office nor the Embassy in Colombia was notified of his arrival and his stay, if so, they reported, he would have been provided with a security scheme.

But Pecci and his recent wife, also pregnant – although he found out the same day he was killed – were without a security scheme, without protection.

They arrived as two more tourists to enjoy Isla Barú.

On the beach, the gunmen arrived by jet ski, as it was an exclusive entry site, the only way was by sea.

One of the subjects reached the area where Pecci was resting with his wife, and shot him.

Captures and data

A few hours ago some details were known after the first captures.

This murder would have been planned in Colombia, more exactly in Envigado in the Medellin metropolitan area, by a drug cartel that operates in that city and other areas of Colombia.

However, the payment for the murder: about 120,000 dollars, and the request, would have come from outside the country.

It has not been said exactly if the order to kill prosecutor Pecci came from Paraguay, where they were carrying out large investigations against corruption and drug trafficking by transnational gangs. They were investigating people from Brazil, from the south of the continent, from Venezuela, from Colombia.

The truth is that the planning of the crime began since the wedding was known in Paraguay and even the trip that the couple would make outside the country.

The criminal gang in Antioquia, hired to kill him in Cartagena, began to prepare everything. He was working with ‘Comando Capital’, a drug-criminal organization from the south of the continent that was apparently being targeted by the Pecci Prosecutor’s Office.

It is the First Capital Command, a dangerous organization from Brazil but one that has spread.

prosecutor Pecci captured Criminal Command
Pecci and his wife were walking with a guide. ‘The bell ringers’, they warned the assassins.

He assigned a couple, a subject and a woman, ‘the bell ringers’, who would follow up on Pecci, they were in charge of reporting his movements. These two criminals even stayed in the same expensive hotel as the prosecutor in Barú.

The idea was to have it marked, the assassins, they were two subjects; two Venezuelans.

The person who, on that day of the crime, would take the assassins out of the area in a car once they attacked the prosecutor, was a Colombian, from Cartagena. He must know the walled city.

“They killed a Paraguayan anti-mafia prosecutor in Colombia”: the news of the country that travels the world

Hours before, to “verify” that the whole plan was working, one of the gang’s leaders traveled from Medellín to Cartagena, “to monitor.”

Finally, the recently married prosecutor, who had found out that same day that he would be a father, was murdered on the beach.

His body was repatriated to Paraguay almost a week later and he was received as a hero.

Colombian authorities, ParaguayThe United States and other countries are working to clarify the crime, which could lead to one of the strongest transnational coups against drug gangs on the continent.

For now, the five captured – more are missing – have been transferred to Bogotá.

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