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The President called to build "big deals" in 2022

The President called to build "big deals" in 2022

President Alberto Fernández’s message on the occasion of the end of the year festivities


President Alberto Fernandez sent this Friday a “Strong and sincere hug” to those who travel these parties “Remembering those who are no longer there” As a result of the coronavirus, he called on Argentines to “learn from what has been lived and look forward”, to seal “great agreements in search of a fairer society” and to trust that the “economic recovery” began, with growth “greater than 10%”.

Let’s make 2022 the year of great agreements in search of a more just societyto; Let us encourage ourselves to make Argentina an inclusive society that puts an end to the culture of waste; no one is left over here; we all need it, that is the commitment that drives me every day, “asked the President.

On the eve of the celebration of Christmas, Fernández broadcast a message to the country’s inhabitants on the national chain, recorded Thursday in his office at Government House, in which he also asked the Argentines continue with the care already continue vaccination given the accelerated increase in coronavirus cases registered in recent days.

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“That this reunion does not make us forget the moment we are going through. Let us take care of and respect the sanitary measures that we all already know. Let us not relax or lower our arms. This pandemic is not over and we must prepare to continue facing it. We already know what the way is: to keep getting vaccinated and taking care of ourselves. We have done it and we have controlled the situation. We must continue to do so, “said the head of state, who traveled to the official residence of the seaside resort of Chapadmalal, where he will remain during the celebration of Christmas Eve and Christmas, accompanied by the first lady Fabiola Yáñez.

In the message -with which he recovered the tradition of our country and many countries in the world of the presidential greeting for the holidays-, Fernández dedicated his first words to those who lost people around them this year, the product of a “difficult year” and of a “Long and painful pandemic that took the lives of thousands of Argentines”.

“On these dates of celebration, meeting, reunion and family union there will be many empty places on the Argentine tables. I want to send a strong and sincere hug to those who will face these parties remembering those who are no longer“reflected the head of state, but stressed:” It is a time to be close to each other, to support and embrace each other. It is time for balances, reflections and resolutions. To learn from what has been lived and look forward with hope “.

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With that perspective, the president asked to take into account that 2021 was a year in which Argentines showed that they could “overcome their problems”.

“We committed ourselves, for example, collectively and individually to the vaccination campaign and today we are in figures that are comparable with those of European countries. Thank you all for putting your shoulder for Argentina“, emphasized Fernández and thus referred to the achievement of having reached 70% of its population immunized with two doses of the coronavirus vaccine in the country.

In addition, he pondered that “This was the year that started the economic recovery” and he assured: “After so much pain and so much postponement, we are moving forward and growing. There is more economic activity, more production, more exports, more work and more consumption. We are closing the year with a growth of over 10%, which is even more. higher than the one we had with Nestor (Kirchner) when we came out of the painful crisis of 2001 “.

“We are on the right track. We have found the path to recovery, the path of growth. There is still a long way to go for this recovery to reach every Argentine family. But we came from very, very far back…. Now we are on track and moving forward. Let us have confidence. We are going well and we are going to be better“, the President insisted in his message.

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In this context, Alberto Fernández urged that 2022 find Argentines “more united and strong” and “everyone pushing to the same side” because – he said – “we need to join hands, efforts, talents and resources.”

“Argentina deserves that, from politics and society, we focus all our efforts on economic recovery so that those who have fallen into it today get out of poverty and so that everyone can find a job that gives them back the right that everyone who works has“, he remarked.

He also asked to “respect the plurality” of democracy “so that coexistence is harmonious”, but warned: “Every difference must give way so that together we can take care of favoring the most neglected; once again I remind you that first come last. “

“We have a series of challenges ahead that will mark the future of the country and the next generations. If 2021 was the year of vaccination and economic reactivation, Let’s make 2022 the year of great agreements in search of a fairer society. Let us encourage ourselves to make Argentina an inclusive society that puts an end to the culture of waste. There is no one left over here. We all need it. That is the commitment that drives me every day, “he emphasized.

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As a farewell, he asked that, at the raise the glass to toast this midnight, “let’s think about our beloved country” and “let’s make Argentina a shared desire, a path that becomes a great avenue of prosperity in which we walk firmly without leaving anyone behind.”

“From January 1, 2022, let’s all work together, so that all our dreams begin to come true,” insisted the President and dedicated “Happy Holidays and a happy new year to everyone.”

Alberto Fernández with the first lady Fabiola Yanez, arrived on Friday afternoon in the city of Mar del Plata, from where he was transferred by helicopter to the official residence of Chapadmalal, to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas.

After 4:00 p.m., Fernández arrived on a flight to the Astor Piazzolla international airport in the city of Mar del Plata, from where he moved to the presidential residence, located 25 kilometers south of the resort city.

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Earlier, in the Buenos Aires party of Temperley, the head of state visited a home for children and women in situations of vulnerability and violence, which is part of a network supported by villeros priests.

There, Fernández ratified his commitment to “respond” through the State to those most in need.

“I take everything that they have told me with the commitment to respond with a State that makes their life better,” the President wrote on social networks, where he also posted a series of photos and a video with children, youth and women who expressed: “Merry Christmas everyone.”

It is about the civil association ´Don’t be a peasant´, “which articulates with the Homes of Christ of the villeros priests”, as detailed Fernández.

“They carry out the noble and urgent task of assisting and accompanying people living on the streets, problematic consumption and victims of violence,” said the Head of State.

In addition, he stressed that from that organization it is sustained, “Among other spaces, the Teresita house where women, girls and boys in situations of gender violence are housed”.

With this activity, the President spent the hours prior to the celebration of Christmas.

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