The poor quality of the ice cream forces Coppelia to sell combos of soft drinks and sweets

The poor quality of the ice cream forces Coppelia to sell combos of soft drinks and sweets

The Coppelia ice cream parlor in Havana has long been far from being that “ice cream cathedral” that, even in the middle of the Special Period, had queues on both sides of its entrances.

Although the closure of the beginning of the year has not been repeated due to lack of product, the establishment does not raise its head. To safeguard the sale, they have begun to offer the public combos for 1,200 pesos, according to testimony 14ymedio this Tuesday.

The packages did not contain any nutritious food: one of them, four colas, two oranges, six packets of cookies and two bars of chocolate, and the other, four colas, two juices, one chocolate and eight packets of sweet cookies.

On the other hand, the only flavors offered were vanilla, pineapple and lemon, at 9 pesos a ball, and the place was practically empty.

A young woman at the counter lamented the bad combination that they meant for the “salads” with five balls (for 45 pesos). When she asked for her plate only with pineapple and lemon, the employee denied it: “You have to bring all three, because the salads are mixed.”

Another customer asked that they not put lemon in it, as it made his stomach feel bad due to the acidity, and he replied the same thing, that the lemon was “forced”.

As a concession, the worker put a lemon ball on each salad. The surprise for the man was that the acid was pineapple and the vanilla did not taste good. “Look what’s happening in this country,” lamented the man. “That nothing is what you expect.”


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