The pandemic pushed manufacturing industries to innovate

The pandemic pushed manufacturing industries to innovate

In the pandemicthe 80.6% of the industries of the Dominican Republic implemented costing systems, the 77.4% Executed inventory controls 61.3% made planning in their purchases and the 58.1% incorporated data boards for its management.

The percentages are contained in a study carried out by the Universidad Iberoamericana (Unibe), with the support of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM), on the manufacturing industry place before and after restriction measures by pandemic of COVID-19.

It showed that the coronavirus pushed industries to make innovations in their production processes.


The study indicates that the 83.9% of the participating industries believed that their economic performance, in the post-COVID-19 phase, has elapsed between high to moderate growth in its activities and operations. Of this total, 22.6% consider that it has experienced a high increase and 61.3% have responded that its growth has been moderate.

On the other hand, a 9.7% has opined that in its operations there has been a reduction (decrease) and a 6.5% who have been affected by a stagnation.

The study was presented yesterday at a ceremony headed by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs, Víctor –Ito– Bisonó, in which the sample taken.

The official pointed out that the crisis resulting from the pandemic He gave us a chance and “he made us come out from under him and he made us be creative”. He said that it also caused the Dominican Republic to demonstrate that they can generate working models and you can act in the worst of situations.

“The challenges for us were opportunities (on the pandemic) and that we can do different things. Studying, that’s important, and potentiating it even more important. I think that there is the central eye of what we are going to see here today (the study). We are going to be able to improve it, replicate it, enhance it and show the world what we are made of”, he indicated.

Credit and teleworking

Another of the results of the study is that the processing of financing It was intended to meet the needs of industries.

The 27.3% of the requests were directed to the purchase of raw materials and to make payments to suppliers; the same ratio in both cases.

Also a 18.2% of the requests were for working capital and for the purchase of machinery and equipment. 9.1% was for the acquisition of technology that would allow the incorporation of remote work.

Due to the restriction measures during the pandemicthe 61% of industries adopted the telecommuting in administrative areas and 27.8% implemented it in sales areas.

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