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“The opportunity to see us play through a channel (GEN) filled us with pride”

The figures of the Albirroja Feminina, spoke of the impact that the transmission of the Copa América had for the entire country through the screens of the GEN channel.

In conversation with the Versus program, the player of the National Team, Dulce Quintana, thanked the support they had throughout the Copa América and in that sense, said that the enthusiasm grew by broadcasting the Albirroja matches through of the GEN channel.

“The opportunity that my family had to see me play a soccer game through a channel and not through a link or link, that filled me with pride. The impact it generated at the country level was very great, we felt that”. said Quintana, one of the figures of the National Team.

He added that the promotion was quite good and they felt that support from Colombia. “A lot of noise was made and we reached so many homes in Paraguay,” she stressed.

Likewise, another of the Albirroja figures, Jessica Martínez, maintained that her family was waiting for each transmission and almost unable to sleep because of the emotion of seeing her play.

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