Finally! After three weeks of protests, students return to class today

Teacher leaders from various organizations in the country signed this Monday afternoon with the Ministry of Education (Meduca) the agreement to lift the educational strike that they had maintained for 26 days, and agreed to return to classes starting this Tuesday.

In the document, the educators and the rest of the educational workers undertook to recover the academic content and return to the educational centers as of the signing of this agreement on Monday, August 1, except for those with difficult access, while the educators mobilize to these areas.

It is established that in order to comply with the hours established for this school year, educators commit to replace the academic contents for the second semester from Monday, August 1 to October 7, 2022, and the third quarter from October 10. to Friday, December 30, 2022.

The Ministry of Education and the Panamanian Institute for Special Habilitation (IPHE) undertake not to take disciplinary action against the educational personnel who participated in the strike.

The Meduca also promised to faithfully comply with the consensus reached at the dialogue table between various popular organizations and the government, which includes the installation -on August 13- of a follow-up table for educational issues in which there have been agreement in the dialogue for Panama.

Among the agreements on education at the dialogue table are the allocation of 5.5% of GDP for education in the 2023 budget, while for fiscal year 2024, the government promised to allocate 6% of GDP to this sector.

“We go to the classrooms to serve our students,” said teacher leader Fernando Ábrego.

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