The National Party will reintroduce the night raids through a plebiscite

The National Party will reintroduce the night raids through a plebiscite


From the government, the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, and the white parliamentarian, Carlos Daniel Camy, once again put on the table the possibility that the Police can carry out night raids with a court order.

The initiative had been promoted, along with other proposals on citizen security, during the 2019 electoral campaign by Jorge Larrañaga with the constitutional reform “Live without fear”; however, it did not prosper.

In the last hours it transpired that the Ministry of the Interior will take up the initiative to extend the raids to the hours of the night, through article 331, literal b, of the Constitution of the Republic, which allows promoting a reform of the Magna Carta to through projects that gather two fifths of the votes of the General Assembly, which will be submitted to a plebiscite in the first election that is held”, in this case it would be in the national elections of 2024.


In this framework, white senator Carlos Daniel Camy, promoter of the project, told El País that the norm expressed in article 11 of the Constitution of the Republic “is obsolete.”

“Distinguishing between day and night was logical in the 19th century, when among other things there was no electricity,” said the white legislator, who stressed that night raids will be an important tool in the fight against drug trafficking, since the drug outlets work at night.

Article 11 of the Constitution of the Republic establishes that “the home is an inviolable sacred. At night no one may enter it without the consent of their boss, and during the day, only by express order of a competent Judge, in writing and in the cases determined by law.

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