The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperar signed an agreement to boost the sector's exports

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperar signed an agreement to boost the sector’s exports

Ariel Guarco and Cecilia Todesca Bocco signed the agreement / Photo: Press

The Secretary of International Economic Relations of the Foreign Ministry, Cecilia Todesca Bocco, together with the president of the Cooperative Confederation of the Argentine Republic (Cooperate), Ariel Guarco, signed this Friday a cooperation framework agreement to position cooperatives abroad and boost their exports.

The Foreign Ministry specified in a statement that “the signing of the Framework Agreement seeks to contribute to the internationalization of the cooperative sector, disseminating its relevance as an economic and social actor in the country and promoting the positioning of Argentine cooperatives, their exportable products and services abroad” .

At once, the agreement promotes the attraction of foreign investment to the cooperative sector.

The announcements were made on the eve of the International Day of Cooperatives, which will be commemorated this Saturday with the slogan “Cooperatives build a better world.”

During the ceremony held at the Palacio San Martín, Todesca Bocco reaffirmed the Foreign Ministry’s commitment to collaborate to promote the international business of cooperatives.

To this end, the official “referred to specific commercial promotion actions to be carried out in the second half of this year, within the framework of the signed agreement, and to include in the Export Promotion Plan 2023 specific actions for the cooperative sector”.

Ariel Guarco highlighted the role of cooperatives in “civil diplomacy”, through the contacts developed for more than 100 years with their peers from other countries. In this regard, he highlighted that Cooperar and its members can be facilitators of sales to cooperatives in other countries.

The Cooperative Confederation of the Argentine Republic, which celebrates seven decades of institutional life this year, is made up of 76 federations, associations, chambers and cooperatives from practically all areas and all regions of the country.

In Argentina, the cooperative sector is made up of more than 8,600 companies from all branches of production and directly generates close to 200,000 jobs.

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