The millionaire reward that the Venezuelan 'witch' who betrayed alias 'Matamba' will collect

The millionaire reward that the Venezuelan ‘witch’ who betrayed alias ‘Matamba’ will collect

They found the drug dealer thanks to the information provided by this mysterious woman.

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Juan Larinson Castro Estupiñán, alias “Matamba”, was discharged by the Public Force in the municipality of Bolívar, Santander.

He remained hidden there, fleeing from the authorities, after escaping from the ‘La Picota’ prison in Bogotá on March 18.

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The millionaire reward that the Venezuelan 'witch' who betrayed alias 'Matamba' will collect
Alias ​​’Matamba’, a man discharged by the authorities.

In that place, the inmate hid and asked for “spiritual help” so as not to be found by the authorities from a fortune teller or “witch” of Venezuelan nationality whom he contacted online.

He was finally found by the authorities and before being discharged he threw a grenade at them to try to escape.

In dialogue with the Blu Radio Station, the Minister of Defense, Diego Molano, gave details of the operation in which the drug trafficker fell and spoke about this mysterious woman who will now collect a juicy reward.

“He had that habit of calling a woman to give him protection, I would say malevolent, and that made it possible to locate him and carry out the operation,” said the minister.

Molano assured that for this information the reward will be paid: Two billion pesos.

“We can guarantee that the source that provided the information is the one that is going to receive the reward, which in this case is this person who had daily communication with him to receive spiritual protection. It is the information that allowed him to be located, ”explained the minister in dialogue with Blu.

In addition, this woman will receive protection from the authorities: “She provided information and all necessary measures are taken in this case.”

In the following audio, the statements of Minister Diego Molano are heard:

This was the subsequent operation in which alias “Matamba” was killed.

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