The Mexican Police intercepts a false ambulance with 15 Cubans on board

The Mexican Police intercepts a false ambulance with 15 Cubans on board

Four migrants, including Cubans Rolando Ramírez Torres and Yanisvel Suárez Avalo, were hospitalized after a bus carrying 40 people from Cuba, Venezuela and Haiti overturned, he told 14ymedio José Manuel Ríos Cartas, municipal coordinator of Civil Protection of the city of Juchitán, Oaxaca (Mexico). “The truck (bus) left the border point of Tapachula, Chiapas, and was destined for Tijuana,” a city bordering the United States.

“10 injured people were treated at the scene, but due to their seriousness, four of them were transferred to the Doctor Macedonio Benítez Fuentes General Hospital in Juchitán,” the official said.

The initial diagnosis indicates that Ramírez, 44, has a “hip fracture” that prevents him from walking, while Suárez, 32, “resulted in a spinal fracture and an injury to his right shoulder.” The other two hospitalized are Woodeline Miltidor, from Haiti, and Yenifer Ramírez, from Venezuela.

The fire director of Juchitán, Francisco Vásquez Jiménez, detailed to 14ymedio that at 3:40 am this Thursday a call to 911 informed them of several injured foreigners on the highway that connects La Ventosa with the port of Salina Cruz.

“Immigration was alerted, thinking it was a possible case of human trafficking,” explains Vásquez. “While the wounded were treated, it was found that they all had immigration permits.”

“The coyote managed to escape and left the Cubans, among whom were four minors, abandoned,” a Migration source explains to 14ymedio.

Regarding the possible causes of the accident, Vásquez announced that “the driver of the unit fell asleep and lost control.” In addition, some of the passengers mentioned that during the journey the bus was checked for a mechanical failure.

The transit of migrants leaving from Tapachula increased after the closure of the immigration regularization offices in the border city of Tapachula as a result of several altercations between foreigners and the authorities.

This Wednesday, Migration reported an ambulance with false logos on the highway that goes from Tapachula to Huixtla, in the municipality of Huehuetán. In the van were 15 Cubans who paid the driver $5,000 to take them to the US border.

“The coyote managed to escape and left the Cubans, including four minors, abandoned,” he explains to 14ymedio a source of migration. “We are investigating the alleged complicity of agents, since the Cubans assure that at the checkpoints of Viva México and Huehuetán they witnessed the delivery of money to officials.”

Last March 15 a traffic accident was recorded in the state of Veracruz. A truck that was transporting it overturned and three Cuban migrants died, three more are hospitalized and have requested support to obtain a humanitarian visa and be allowed to be taken to the United States.


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