Orlando Tardencilla Appointed Presidential Advisor to Ortega

Orlando Tardencilla Appointed Presidential Advisor to Ortega

Daniel Ortega’s regime decided to appoint Orlando Tardencilla to the position of presidential adviser minister after having removed him from his post as Nicaraguan ambassador to the United Nations (UN), where he remained for less than three months.

In La Gaceta this Thursday, March 24, the presidential agreement 47-2022 was published, which alludes to the appointment of “partner Orlando José Tardencilla, in the position of Minister Advisor to the President of the Republic for Policies and International Relations. This agreement takes effect from its publication.

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Tardencilla had also been appointed Nicaraguan ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO), according to the presidential agreement No. 216-2021, published in La Gaceta, Official Gazette No. 233 of December 17, 2021. The ministerial agreement No. 41-2021 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua also granted the position of Minister Counselor with consular functions of Ortega before the Swiss Confederation to the same Ortega official.

Orlando Tardencilla Appointed Presidential Advisor to Ortega

The Ortega official is a lawyer and notary public, three times a member of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) in the National Assembly: from 1985 to 1990, and two consecutive periods between 1997 and 2007, a member of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) since 2012.

He was also a Sandinista combatant who joined the Salvadoran guerrilla in 1980, was captured at the beginning of 1981, and after a year in prison, subjected to torture, he was sent to the United States in order to testify that his presence in El Salvador was evidence of a Cuban aid plan for the Salvadoran guerrillas.

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He was the founder of the Camino Cristiano party, an official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as representative of Nicaragua in the border lawsuit filed against Colombia before the International Court of Justice in The Hague, he is a leader of the Alternative for Change movement and part of the political alliance electoral United Nicaragua Triumphs, headed by the FSLN.

This appointment of Tardencilla is part of a series of moves made by the regime to its files this Thursday, removing and dismissing ambassadors from Argentina and Venezuela.

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