The mess over the appointment of the new director of the Aerocivil

The mess over the appointment of the new director of the Aerocivil

Among the appointments that are still lacking in the petro government there is the new director of the Civil Aeronautics (Aerocivil).

For that position, there is a name that sounds strong and is not without controversy. According to what was published by the Investigative Unit of the newspaper EL TIEMPO, it is about Adriana Ramirez Suarez, who currently serves as head of the Center for Aeronautical Studies (CEA).

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It is known that she is a business administrator, a specialist in Project Management and contracting, with a master’s degree in Management.

Ramírez Suárez is linked to an alleged package of orders for the provision of services that were signed in full guarantees law and that would have favored political chips of the Conservative Party“, reported the Investigative Unit.

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And he added that there would already be a draft decree, from the general secretariat of the Ministry of Transport, in which it is warned that Ramírez Suárez meets the requirements to direct the Aerocivil.

Adriana Ramírez Suárez, candidate to be the director of the Civil Aeronautics.

Facebook: Adriana Ramirez Suarez

However, the Minister of Transport, Guillerno Reyes, was consulted and assured that the Government has always requested a short list to elect the head of these entities and the same procedure will be followed in Aerocivil: “The only exception was the ANI and the Deputy Minister of Justice for being completely trustworthy people”.

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But the names of the other candidates who would run from the Conservative Party are not yet known.

The Investigative Unit also stated that Ramírez Suárez was part of Jair Orlando Fajardo’s team, the director of the Aerocivil who was declared unsubstantiated at the end of the government of Iván Duque due to the delays in the contracts for the construction of Aeropuerto del Café.

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