Argentina: criminal plan against Cristina Fernández revealed

One of Cristina Fernández’s lawyers in the legal case for the attempted attack she suffered two weeks ago considered today, Wednesday, “the hypothesis of the loose loquito” exhausted and that the group behind the event had to be identified.

Manuel Ubeira told Radio 10 that Cristina Fernández’s position was “to go as far as the latest evidence leads us” in order to determine “who is behind” Fernando Sabag Montiel, the perpetrator of the failed attack.

Sabag Montiel, 35, was arrested after firing twice with his Bersa pistol a few centimeters from the head of the Argentine vice president. The gun had five bullets in it, but none were chambered, which is why the bullet didn’t come out, according to police.

His girlfriend, Uliarte, 23, who was in the same area at the time of the events, was arrested three days later. Both are accused of having tried to assassinate Cristina Fernández.

A woman identified as Agustina Diaz, a friend of Uliarte, was arrested Monday night on suspicion of conspiracy.

Today the Argentine press announced that federal investigators had found messages from Brenda Uliarte in which he admits having organized the attack. In a mobile exchange with her friend Agustina Díaz, Uliarte tells her that he sent “a guy to kill her” because she is “rotten” that [Cristina Fernández] “He walks stealing and goes unpunished.”

“The liberals already have me rotten going to become revolutionaries with torches in Plaza de Mayo […] You have to act. I sent a guy to kill Cristi”, says Uliarte in one of the messages. And in another, that she got “the spirit of San Martín into her body.”

A photo of Uliarte deleted from her social networks and published by the press showed her participating in a march on August 18 against the government. “We can’t sleep anymore,” she wrote. And she affirmed that those who govern in Argentina “are communists disguised as pseudo-democrats.”

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