Soraya defends “custom liberalism” for Brazil

Soraya defends “custom liberalism” for Brazil

The Union Brazil candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Soraya Thronicke, defended today (14) a concept of liberalism applied in England adapted to the context of social inequality and hunger that characterizes Brazil today. “My liberalism is a customized liberalism à la Brazilian. It is not possible to take the initial concept of liberalism, which is in a box and works in England, and implant it in Brazil, where many are starving”, he said in the Hora do Voto Saturday, promoted by the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) , in Sao Paulo.Soraya defends “custom liberalism” for Brazil

She added that she intends to maintain aid programs “until we manage to equalize the country’s problems”, she said. Even because, she added, “it is not because the year will turn that people will stop starving”.

The challenge, according to her, will not be small. “The problem is: can we afford it? We’ll have to tighten our belts. We have the spending cap, which is another complex discussion, but we know that we have to put resources into the essentials and leave the non-essentials aside.”


In defending a tax reform, Soraya cited the proposal for the Single Federal Tax, whose implementation will not “invade” the sphere of states and municipalities. “From a core of 11 federal taxes, we are going to replace them with a single, digital tax, which will be charged on deposit and withdrawal, at a rate of 1.26%. Our proposal is easy to pass because we don’t raise taxes. And because the transfers to federated entities remain. So there is no crisis in the federative impact, but respect”, he argued.

Due to the very low rate, the candidate believes that this tax will discourage evasion, starting to be paid by practically 100% of the population. “When everyone pays, everyone pays less. It’s simple,” she said.

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