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The memes about Piscilago and teasing amid the ‘tragedy’ of the cancellation of the Jamming Festival

Despite the economic losses for from companies to informal vendors, Piscilago memes rained after the cancellation of the Jamming

Although many have put the inevitable humor of that Colombia that in the midst of pain knows how to make fun of itself and others, others warn of the seriousness of the economic losses for from companies to informal vendors.

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Undoubtedly, the cancellation of the Jamming Festival at the last minute has unleashed a wave of indignation as it has all the ingredients of an ‘announced tragedy’: A great billboard, little information, absent authorities despite constant complaints and not even Mayor Andrés Hurtado The organizers answered, but the problem has been laughed at and Piscilago was a trend.

Only until March 16, when there were three days left to start an event that would receive more than 10,000 people, did the Mayor’s Office of Ibagué deliver the permit.

However, there was no further information.

From the Mayor’s Office, the country was not informed how that event was going, the logistics and support that the municipality would provide before the mobilization that they would have from this Thursday and until Tuesday.

The Jamming Festival was from March 19 to 21, the festive bridge.

The losses

An event to which they would not only go from Ibagué, but from other cities in Colombia and from countries such as Ecuador, Peru and others. Many, who had already arrived in that city.

LThe majority of attendees would come from other regions of Colombia.


For many, the doubts about whether it was going to finally take place, was in the disagreement that there was for the wide and exotic billboard.

Much criticism was directed at Colombian artists.

“An event dedicated to rasta culture and reggae, full of reggaeton, popular music and vallenato,” they criticized.

Not only that, but the large number of presentations, bands, artists, events that were going to take place in these three days, called the attention of many who were trying to contact the organizers to get a response. There never were.

There are millions of pesos already invested in ticketing, hotel reservations, travel ticket payments, food orders, this in terms of the assistants.

the city of Ibague, was prepared for the entire weekend with its merchants, businessmen, entrepreneurs and even street vendors, many of whom even planned to travel from other parts of the country.

Many told local media in the midst of their anguish that they even borrowed to “stock up.”

The memes about Piscilago and teasing amid the 'tragedy' of the cancellation of the Jamming Festival

A city with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, who saw in this festival a respite.

Neither the Jamming Festival nor the mayor of Ibagué answered the calls and they canceled it at the last minute

the memes

And well, in the midst of that scenario of uncertainty and sadness for what happened, the memes and ridicules arrived.

Since the famous Piscilago de Colsubsidio recreation site is in Ibagué, this has been the center of the memes.

The entity did not miss the moment: «Was the canceled #JammingFestival? Don’t run out of plan this weekend! On #Piscilago we are waiting for you with many attractions and smiles».

And on his Twitter account he published part of the memes that were circulating on social networks on the subject.

For many, a ‘bad taste marketing’.

For others, we are in the times when the moments of advertising and marketing, “are these”.

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce spoke hours later, to explain that there will be sanctions for what happened.

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