The MAS reacts and prosecutes Cuéllar for allegedly using falsified documents in his complaint

The MAS reacts and prosecutes Cuéllar for allegedly using falsified documents in his complaint

in a quick reaction the national leadership of the MAS warned that it will lead to a trial, for the use of a falsified instrument, to deputy Rolando Cuéllar and also described him as one of the representatives of his political opponents.

“The MAS reserves its right to initiate, in the following days, the pertinent legal actions so that (Rolando) Cuéllar and his accomplices explain to the court the reasons for the crime they have just committed”, indicates the last part of the statement that made this match known.

In the afternoon, the deputy called a press conference where he read a letter bearing the signature of the party’s vice president, Gerardo García. In it, the political leader thanks a well-known Argentine drug trafficker economic contributions to support the 2014 electoral campaign and the note also states that all this contribution is known to Evo Morales.

The document presented by Cuéllar does not have an addressee and only the text of the letter and to whom it is addressed can be read. Shortly after Cuéllar’s conference concluded, in a dozen institutional groups and journalists appeared the letterwhen the deputy jealously guarded the document.

Cuéllar also said that these documents and photographs were handed over a day earlier to the main authorities of the country, President Luis Arce; Vice President David Choquehuanca; Government Minister Carlos Eduardo Del Castillo; and Justice Minister Iván Lima.

Another detail of the deputy legislator’s complaint is that there would be a second letter mentioning ‘white suits‘, although he did not explain what he was referring to, but said that it is in the hands of these authorities who are in charge of investigating.

CWith this new reckless accusation (Cuéllar) follows the script of the most radical right of the country that for years has tried, without success, to link the popular movement with this type of illicit activity, accusations that have never been proven” points out another part of the masista statement, which also accused the media of being partners of the deputy for amplifying his complaints.

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