The majority in Colombia approves relations with Venezuela

The majority in Colombia approves relations with Venezuela

An opinion study carried out in Colombia by the Invamer company showed that 75% of New Granadans support the reestablishment of relations with Venezuela, said Armando Benedetti, ambassador of the neighboring country on his twitter account.

“Do you agree or disagree that relations between Colombia and Venezuela have been reestablished? According to Invamer, 75% of Colombians are. And 52% trust that relations between the two countries will be more respectful and prosperous,” Benedetti published.

On the other hand, a survey carried out by the Latin American Strategic Center for Geopolitics (Celag) maintains that 65% of Colombians value positively the reopening of the border with Venezuela.

The relationships between Colombia and Venezuela They had been broken after the government of former President Iván Duque acted as a springboard for armed groups to attack the country and this allowed the government of Nicolás Maduro to destabilize, in addition to the theft of Monomeros and other attacks promoted from the United States.

Opinion studies on the Colombian population also show that six months into Gustavo Petro’s term, 50% believe that their country is undergoing a process of change and 62% approve of the ceasefire pact, according to Celag.

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