The leaders of JxC "compete to see who has the most extreme posture"

The leaders of JxC "compete to see who has the most extreme posture"

Kicillof recalled that in the government of Mauricio Macri “causes were put together, persecuted and things of tremendous institutional gravity were done” / Archive photo.

The governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, affirmed that the leaders of Together for Change (JxC) seem to be “in a competition to see who has the most extreme position” and considered that “the unity of the Front of All must be with the people”.

“It seems that the leaders of JxC seem embarked on a competition to see who is more extreme or says the biggest ‘goofy’. They are run by (Javier) Milei. If it is about prosecuting the crime, it must be done seriously. It cannot be affirmed that one is going to enter the suburbs with ‘the metra’”Kicillof said in statements to channel C5N.

In this way, he referred to the statements of the lawyer and leader of JxC Florencia Arietto, who stated that if that space returned to the government in 2023 “I was going to have to enter with ‘metra'” (machine gun) to some places in the suburbs.

“They also have tremendous media coverage and can say anything. They cannot resist two minutes of serious debate. In 2015, (Mauricio) Macri lied. He promised that there would be no tariffs; he was not going to go to the IMF and that he would remove the income tax. They did the opposite. Now, mounted to a discontent, after the pandemic and a difficult international context, they tell us that they want to do all that they did but faster, more thoroughly, ”said the governor.

Kicillof recalled that in the government of Mauricio Macri “causes were set up, persecuted and things of tremendous institutional gravity were done.”

“They spied on us, they got together to put together causes and they still talk to us about republican institutions and values. They speak to us as if they had not governed. Look at the bags of (José) López, today we know that the bills came from a bank that belonged to a man who was treasurer of Boca when Macri was president”, stressed the Buenos Aires governor.

Regarding the growth of the figure of the libertarian deputy Javier Milei, Kicillof considered that he expresses “ideas of the 19th century that are not new” and affirmed that the economist “never fights with corporations or faces power.”

“We are in a reality in which we must regulate corporations. On one side are the pharmaceutical companies, the banks, the food and energy companies, which are the real power, and on the other the people. The Unity of the Front of All (FdT) has to be with the people. And our wealth is in the ability to give internal debates, “he warned.

Kicillof also estimated that “we must talk about the measures to be taken to decouple domestic prices, but it also has to be done.”

As for his management, Kicillof recalled that during the government of María Eugenia Vidal “education, health, infrastructure and security were disinvested”, and that his administration is carrying out “a task of reconstruction” in the district.

“Vidal closed 33 rural schools. He said he opened 65 and still haven’t found any. We opened 74 initial schools. He did not invest in health, safety and education. Today, in the midst of a (coronavirus) pandemic, we have a federal, free, federal vaccination plan. People from other districts come to get vaccinated in the province.”

Regarding security, he stated that the province “is changing police training, re-equipping and strengthening the salary.”

“Vidal talked about security with little signs and nice phrases but he disinvested in security. We are trying to equate the salaries of the police with the salaries of the Federal”, stressed the president.

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