They capture a Colombian accused of participating in a robbery of Bs 208 thousand

They capture a Colombian accused of participating in a robbery of Bs 208 thousand

Agents of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) hemanaged to capture a Colombian subject, after a raking carried out by the Santa Cruz capital. The foreigner is accused of participating in the theft of more than Bs 208,000 inside a garage on Arenales street.

The Minister of Government, Eduardo del Castillo, confirmed the capture of this subject during the act of inauguration of the new regional commander of La Guardia. However, he avoided giving further details of the case, but assured that this Sunday it will be presented to the media.

According to Felcc reports, foreign was identified thanks to the camera footage of security of the center of the city, in which he is observed to escape, along with his accomplice, aboard a red motorcycle.

The accused remains detained in police cells and it was already brought to the attention of the Public Ministry. It is expected that in the next few hours he will be presented before a precautionary judge for the crime of aggravated robbery.


The violent event was recorded on Friday afternoon in the heart of the city of Santa Cruz. Two criminals on a motorcycle snatched more than Bs 208,000 from him to a man who had just left a financial entity, located on Bolívar street and Beni corner.

According to the first investigations of the Felcc, the victim was followed from the bank to a garage on the street Arenales, where he was held at gunpoint by an antisocial when he was about to get into his vehicle.

A witness, who works in a business in front of the garage, reported that the affected one struggled with the robber to avoid the robbery, so he was beaten and left with some injuries. For this reason, he would have gone to a medical center to be treated.

The cameras filmed the violent event and show the criminal run away with the briefcase with money on a motorcycle with his accomplice, who was waiting for him on Arenales street. Minutes before the robbery, the motorcyclist got on the sidewalk and drove in the opposite direction to reach the garage.

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