The infrastructure of Casa de Galicia is auctioned off for almost US$ 13 million

LThe infrastructure of Casa de Galicia will be auctioned off this Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. on the Stock Exchange (Rincon and Missions) for a base price of US$ 12,750,000 as reported to The Observer Fernando Cabrera, manager of Legal Services of the Commercial Defense League (Lideco), currently responsible for the property.

The auction will be made by the company Bavastro and Sons. According to information published on its website and shared by The ObserverCasa de Galicia has 20,502 square meters of land, of which 16,607 square meters make up the building.

The infrastructure will go to the highest bidder, who You must pay 15% of what you offer as a down payment, plus 2.44% (VAT included) as a commission. The interested they must form part of the National Integrated Health System (SNIS).

Cabrera indicated that they appeared several companies interested in acquiring the centerbut until now only one confirmed their presence at the auctionwhich He preferred not to identify. Other companies outside the SNIS that demonstrate sanatorial history could present themselves if they certified their history with 48 hours in advance of the auction, but none showed up.

The auction was the option that Lideco reached after the tender for the property, with a base price of US$ 20 million, will be deserted at the beginning of May.


The infrastructure auction does not include the four Institutes of Highly Specialized Medicine (IMAE) which Casa de Galicia has, three in nephrology and one in cardiology.

The Ministry of Public Health (MSP) will be in charge of designating these institutes to the different mutual insurance companies of the SNIS, but Casmu went ahead and asked for the IMAE in cardiology, as reported to El País. “If there is an IMAE, it belongs to Casmu”Raúl Rodríguez, president of the mutualista, told The Observer.

According to Rodriguez, Casmu is the “largest provider of patients” with cardiac pathologies within the private sector. “If I have a heart attack, I go to Casmu and then I go to another mutual insurance company. It is not logical that I have to go to another place“, Remarked the hierarch of the provider.

Initially, Casmu was interested in acquiring the entire base of members and employees of Casa de Galicia. However, the company not going to show up for the completion of the infrastructure. “If I had the IMAE I could be interested, without the IMAE no”Rodriguez stated.

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