Navy and Army say mixed patrol has been successful;  they ensure the border is calm

Navy and Army say mixed patrol has been successful; they ensure the border is calm

Santo Domingo – Generals of the high command of the Navy and the Army of the Dominican Republicassured this Tuesday that since last Thursday when the mixed patrol along with agents of the National Policeincreased the level of perception of citizen security in the Dominican population.

Speaking on the 55 Minutes program hosted by Julissa Céspedes, the military chiefs expressed that there is an atmosphere of peace.

Integration of military in mixed patrolling is established by order of the Ministry of Defense

“These patrols are planned and officers are urged not to overdo it.”

General Rafael Antonio Veloz. Director of Operations of the General Staff.

They indicated that by order of the Minister of Defending Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, surveillance is established through the in strategic places.

The surveillance points in mixed patrolling are: on highways, motorways, vulnerable areas. Some 1,600 soldiers are distributed in two shifts, in support of mixed patrolling.

Ángel Alfredo Camacho, inspector general of the National Army, attributed to the lack of custom that citizens fear the presence of military agents.

“These patrols are planned every day and the army officers are urged not to overdo it,” said General Rafael Antonio Veloz.

They guarantee that there are no Haitian gangs in the country; the border is quiet

The director of the Specialized Border Security Corps (CESFRONT), Frank Mauricio Cabrera Risek, indicated that the border is calm and peaceful.

“Until now, the Armed Forces have no evidence that there are criminal gangs from Haiti in Dominican territory in the country,” he guaranteed.

He specified that in the work of safeguarding the border they work jointly with the Haitian authorities.

He recalled that by order of the Government, Haitian nationals are allowed to enter the nation for the work of the border market.

However, the head of CESFRONT is concerned about the journey from Mal Paso to Port-au-Prince, territory that is in the hands of Haitian gangs,

“This affects the binational market that is produced on the border with Jimaní,” he explained.

He reported that the perimeter fence is advancing and that its construction has not stopped.

On his side, General Rafael Antonio Núñez, director of operations of the General Staff, stated that there are 11 provinces with a high level of insecurity.

“These provinces are being intervened with the operations just like all the other towns,” he assured.

He affirms that the operations are a military operation, not a military one, in which strategies are proposed in favor of citizen security.

They called on the population to trust the Armed Forces and the National Police, since the authorities are committed to security.

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