Felipe González rejected the dispossession of Venezuelans of the historic acronym of Democratic Action

Felipe González rejected the dispossession of Venezuelans from Democratic Action
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Felipe González, former president of the Spanish government, rejected that the government of Nicolás Maduro use justice to dispossess Venezuelans of the historical initials of the political partytico Democratic Action.

“The tyrant Maduro continues to use submissive justice to strip Venezuelan citizens of a historical acronym: AD”, affirmed the former president in a press release.

He said that the outrage to appropriate that political formation and “put it at the service of the dictatorship” it despises the democratic values ​​of political pluralism. “But it also shows the tyrants’ fear of freedom,” he added.

Intervened by the TSJ

In June 2020, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, subject to Nicolás Maduro, decreed a “precautionary measure of constitutional protection” which ordered the suspension of the national directorate of Democratic Action, in charge of Henry Ramos Allup.

named so an ad hoc board of directors to carry out a restructuring process, chaired by Bernabé Gutiérrez, and that it should be made up of a president, a national general secretary and a national organization secretary who fulfill managerial and representative functions.

The highest court in the country also indicated, and in accordance with ruling No. 0071-2020, that the ad hoc board of directors could use the electoral card, the logo, the symbols, emblems, colors and any other concept of Democratic Action.

Bernabé faction: elections on June 11

The faction led by Gutiérrez will hold the internal elections of that organization on June 11 before the National Internal Electoral Commission. The leader, who for years was a close friend and worked with Ramos Allup, registered his slate last month, with which he hopes to be re-elected in the position he holds.

Barnabas stated that This internal election process had not been done for more than 20 years in Democratic Action. More than 230 members of the National Executive Committee, 3,450 positions in the Sectional Executive Committees and 34,170 municipal positions will also be elected. In total, there will be 37,855 positions nationwide.

Ramos Allup was “fingered”

Clever Lara, secretary of the National Organization of the Gutiérrez faction, said in an interview on the private channel Globovisión that internal elections have not been held in the party since 2001 and assured that Ramos Allup “fingered” him at the time.

He also said that the division occurred because a group took control of the party because their authorities were defeated and alleged that they tried to prevent the awning from being lost.

“They try to confuse”

Henry Ramos Allup, who continues as the national secretary general of his Democratic Action faction, affirmed that the scorpions, as they classify the leaders who allegedly received bribes from the Chavista regime to divide the opposition, try to confuse the militancy.

“They say that in the year 2000 the Supreme Court of Justice prosecuted Democratic Action, handing over its control to us. Fake. That TSJ, which was not controlled by the regime, simply ratified the decision of the National Electoral Council, which did not control the regime either, pointing out that we were legitimate authorities of Acción Democrática”, answered.

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