The imposition of the Peace Agreement was polarizing: Uribe to the UN secretary

The imposition of the Peace Agreement was polarizing: Uribe to the UN secretary

Former President Álvaro Uribe Vélez sent a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, regarding his visit to the country this week for the commemoration of the five years since the signing of the Peace Agreement and assured that that document “was an undemocratic imposition.”

In the 26-point document, Uribe told Guterres that “the undemocratic imposition of the Agreement and the refusal to reform the Havana texts it was a polarizing action that they wanted to justify with the captivating word ‘peace’ “.

In that sense, the ex-president told Guterres that “democracy was unknown as the result of the plebiscite was unknown with a mere proposition of Congress. “

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The politician even considered that “There has not been a Peace Agreement. National legislation was simply fractured and international legislation was challenged by giving total impunity and political eligibility to people responsible for heinous crimes, for example, kidnapping and rape of minors. “

Uribe Vélez also indicated in the document that regarding impunity “Colombia broke out of the rule of western democracies that require imprisonment and political non-eligibility of those responsible for atrocious crimes “.

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The ex-president went further and assured that one of the great difficulties of the country is in the eradication of illicit crops, therefore “it would be desirable if the United States could provide the technology state-of-the-art to detect and eliminate all drug processing laboratories and with the greatest speed. “

In the letter, Uribe also blamed the previous government for implementing crop substitution programs, “that have been very costly and inefficient“.

This is the full letter:

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