The Hague will deliver a new sentence in litigation between Colombia and Nicaragua

In 2012, the international Court of Justice defined the sovereignty of Colombia over the islands and keys of the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, but also that of Nicaragua over a portion of the maritorio, so the map changed and more than 70,000 square kilometers were attributed to Managua.

At the time, the then president Juan Manuel Santos rejected the ruling, which some experts said was misunderstood as a defeat.

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The tension increased after Nicaragua will sue Colombia for allegedly failing to comply with the Court’s ruling. Thus, he asked him to rule on conduct regarding his agents in maritime spaces, the decree of the contiguous zone and the opposition to implement the sentence.

Given this claim, Colombia awaits a response from two of its counterclaims; on the baselines of Nicaragua and on the historical fishing rights of the Raizal community, which Not being recognized could put more than 35,000 families at risk.

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Although the decision does not put sovereignty or maritime limits at risk, it does seek to establish whether either of the two nations has not respected the November 2019 ruling, where Colombia lost part of the Caribbean Sea.

Thus, it is expected that the sentence of the Court delivers a guide to be able to apply the ruling it issued in 2012.

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