The Government once again closed the tap to some expenses until 2023

The Government once again closed the tap to some expenses until 2023

President Luis Abinader once again closed the tap of various types of expenses made by the Central Government institutions, mainly focused on limiting the holding of events and promotions, trips abroad, the purchase and use of public vehicles, and the use of from flankers to officials.

Abinader extended all the prohibitions established in the decree 396-21 of June 19, 2021, which were valid until January 1, 2022. The decree 3-22 signed on Saturday by the president is almost a copy of the previous one, except for one difference.

At that time, the National Police personnel assigned to institutions and officials were reduced by at least 50% so that they could dedicate themselves to the implementation of the Comprehensive National Strategy for Citizen Security “My Safe Country”.

It will continue to be prohibited until January 1, 2023 for institutions to buy motor vehicles that are not for utility purposes and for officials to use official cars on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays without authorization granted for the execution of tasks related to their responsibilities.

Likewise, public servants cannot buy tickets for official trips abroad without authorization from the Administrative Minister of the Presidency, José Ignacio Paliza, as well as buy them in first class.

Flankers motorized

The flankers motorized vehicles, which often interrupt regular traffic to make way for senior officials, continue to be reserved only for the President of the Republic, the Vice President, the Minister of the Armed Forces, the Minister of the Interior and Police, the Director General of the National Police , the Attorney General of the Republic, the general commanders of the military corps, the president of the National Directorate of Drug Control and the director of the National Department of Investigations.

It should be noted that none of these measures is applied to members of the Judicial Power, Legislative Power, or autonomous constitutional bodies, over which the Executive Power has no authority.

Events and promotions

The institutions must continue to function without holding parties, entertainments, receptions, donations, contributions for the benefit of third parties or public servants, gifts, bonds from commercial establishments and Christmas baskets.

The entities included in the decree cannot rent private facilities to hold activities, unless it is for trainings, trainings, workshops or other educational activities.

The executive order does not establish controls for the payment of advertising in the media or on billboards. Instead, it prohibits the purchase of promotional items, prints, or news or accountability newsletters.

In August 2021, various ministries held events to present the results of the first year of government management in private hotels. Among them were the ministries of Public Works, Tourism, Environment, and Industry and Commerce.

Orlando Jorge Mera, Minister of the Environment, clarified that in his case the activity was paid for with private funds.

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