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The Government assumes RD$678 MM not to raise fuels

LPG maintains its price, despite the fact that the market suggested an increase of 16 pesos.

The Government assumed a cost not transferred to the final prices of fuels of RD$678 million to keep the domestic price of all petroleum derivatives unchanged.

With the measure, the second applied by the Government within its plan announced on the 7th to subsidize the price of hydrocarbons while a barrel of oil fluctuates in a range of 85 to 115 dollars, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipy6mes avoided transfer increases of up to RD$30.00 in the gallon of gasoline.

The government maintains for this week the subsidy plan for popular fuels as announced by the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, for which it will allocate RD$678 million pesos, thus avoiding increases of up to 30 pesos in gasoline in the local market. .

Perez Fermin

The Vice Minister of Internal Trade of the MICM, Ramón Pérez Fermín, explained that the international price of WTI averaged 101.97 dollars, marking a significant decrease in relation to the average of the previous week. “The hydrocarbon market has given way, but not enough to embrace the certainty of normal years,” he said.

Pérez Fermín indicated that the market commanded increases in the prices of all fuels. He explained that liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) should go up almost 16 pesos; premium gasoline must have experienced an increase of more than 30; the regular type more than 40 pesos; regular diesel would increase by more than 55 pesos per gallon and optimal diesel by just over 42 pesos.
“Obviously they are still exorbitant numbers with which we must live and that we must manage,” added the official.

“From the Government, we have acted, in a minimum margin of action, with maximum transparency and responsibility,” Pérez said while reiterating, as he did last week, that they will continue to work like this until the last day.

For the week from today Saturday 19 to Friday 25, prices will remain unchanged and will be at the following levels:
Premium gasoline remains at RD$293.60 per gallon, regular continues at RD$274.50 per gallon, regular diesel remains at RD$221.60 per gallon, and the optimal rate continues at RD$241.10 per gallon.

Likewise, avtur, the fuel used by jet-type aircraft, remains at RD$249.54 per gallon, kerosene, also aviation fuel but for conventional engines, continues with its price of RD$284.88 per gallon.

LPG, NG and aviation fuels remain

The two generation fuels, fuel oil #6 and fuel oil 1%S, maintain their respective prices of RD$192.11 and RD$211.77 per gallon.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) kept its price at RD$147.60 per gallon. Natural gas, which is not an oil derivative but whose weekly price is set by the MICM, still maintained its price of RD$28.97 per cubic meter. The exchange rate applied was RD$55.02 per dollar.

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