More than 100 gendarmes carry out new searches in search of Guadalupe

The garments found during the raking will be exhibited to the family of Guadalupe

The clothes that were found will be exhibited to Guadalupe’s mother so that she can say whether or not the clothes belong to her daughter / Photo: Nicolás Varvara

The mother and father of Guadalupe Lucero Cialone, the girl who was last seen on June 14, 2021 in San Luis, You will be able this Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. to see the clothing that was found during the raking carried out this Tuesday by members of the Gendarmerie and the Provincial Police in the so-called “ground zero”, judicial sources reported.

The finding was confirmed to Télam by the girl’s father’s defense attorney, Héctor Zabala, who this morning stated that “I am 90 percent sure that the skeletal remains belong to an animal” and that among the garments there is “a small shoe and some number 30 boots”.

Besides, the lawyer who sponsors Eric Lucero He added that the area is “like a garbage dump and there are remains of cows, pigs and foxes, as well as clothing”, for which he considered that the “finding that was communicated yesterday” by Federal Prosecutor Cristian Rachid, “did not arouse too much expectation due to the characteristics of the place and the statements of an anthropologist who assured that the remains could be non-human”.

Zabala pointed out that, however, the reproduced news “had a bad impact on Guadalupe’s father, who is not feeling well” and this afternoon he will have to face the exhibition of the “clothes found in the place”.

The operation ordered by the Federal Police under the instruction of prosecutor Rachid continued today in the “so-called ground zero”, where, together with the troops, the judicial official ratified that the new interventions are planned until “next Friday” and that there is a “endless number of other measures in progress” tending to find the whereabouts of the girl.

Also, he clarified that the new operatives are carried out at the request of what is indicated by the technical collaboration of the Violence Intervention Collectivea team specialized in anthropology that has experience in searching for people, under certain forensic parameters and that are of “special interest to us based on hypotheses of a possible abduction of the minor and even an accident.”

The search rakes for Guadalupe Belén Lucero Cialone, the 5-year-old girl who disappeared on June 14, 2021 in the 244 Viviendas neighborhood of the capital of San Luis, resulted in the discovery of “a small shoe, dark in color and cracked, some number 30 boots and bone remains burned, which has not yet been established if they are human”, informed Télam judicial sources.

“Yesterday, two gangs of 50 and 50 gendarmes worked alternately. There are some federal police dogs, plus four anthropologists, biologists and geologists,” the sources said, specifying that a total of “about 200 troops” participated. This team is joined by forces from the Provincial Police.

The searches focus on the lines of investigation that point to a possible kidnapping of the girl and an accident.

During the operative which was ordered by the federal Justice, ten months after the disappearance of Guadalupe, “26 hectares were raked where they found some small, cracked and dark leggings that this Wednesday will be brought to the mother, Yamila Cialone, to see if she recognizes them “the sources added.

The garments “were not buried, only among the undergrowth and worn by the passage of time” they affirmed and specified that to the discovery are added “some number 30 boots that would not be the size of the girl so for the moment they will not be exhibited”.

“Finally, burnt bones were collectedthat the people of anthropology began to analyze to find out if they are human or not”, they pointed out about the raking that lasted until this Tuesday until 6:00 p.m.

Federal Prosecutor Cristian Rachid confirmed that there are a number of measures underway that will not be revealed for the time being Photo Nicols Varvara
Federal Prosecutor Cristian Rachid confirmed that there are “a number of ongoing measures”, which for the moment will not be revealed / Photo: Nicolás Varvara

Federal Prosecutor Cristian Rachid confirmed that there are “a number of ongoing measures”, which for the time being will not be revealed, although it resulted in the Rakes focus on the lines of investigation that point to a possible kidnapping of the girl and an accident, the latter as a result of what a girl would have said to psychologists, testimony that was achieved through play activities.

The minor, who suffers from a maturational delay, “would have returned the day of Guadalupe’s disappearance with muddy clothes and traces of grass on her head, reproducing an incomprehensible version of the disappeared girl, which infers the possibility of a accident in a game between them”, explained sources linked to the cause.

The new searches were ordered by the federal Justice, which has been in charge of the case since December 2021, after the provincial Justice declined to continue investigating and due to the presumption that it could be against federal crimes.

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