BC postpones new stage of withdrawals of forgotten values ​​because of strike

BC postpones new stage of withdrawals of forgotten values ​​because of strike

Account holders who were waiting for new opportunities to redeem forgotten values ​​in financial institutions will have to wait. Because of the civil servants’ strike, the Central Bank (BC) postponed the start of the second stage of consultations and withdrawals from the Values ​​Receivable System (SVR), which would begin on May 2. There is no word on when the new phase will come into operation.BC postpones new stage of withdrawals of forgotten values ​​because of strike

In a note, the monetary authority only reported that “the strike by BC servers hampered the development schedule for improvements to the System of Receivables”. According to the agency, the new date will be communicated well in advance, without going into details.

On the last 16th, BC servers suspended the strike which had started on April 1st, but maintain the standard operation. The dissemination of statistics is gradually being resumed, but the development of new projects, such as the second phase of the Values ​​Receivable System, remains suspended. If there is no agreement, the category intends to resume the strike from May 3.

The first stage of the SVR ended on the 16th, considering the various recaps. At this stage, 28 million people or companies were able to withdraw up to BRL 3.9 billion forgotten in the following sources of funds:

  • closed and undrawn checking or savings accounts;
  • improper collection of tariffs or credit obligations provided for in a term of commitment signed with the BC;
  • capital quotas and apportionment of net surpluses of credit union members;
  • defunct consortium groups.

In the second phase, consultations will include the following funding sources:

  • undue charges of fees or credit obligations not provided for in the term of commitment;
  • closed prepaid and postpaid payment accounts with available balance;
  • accounts closed at brokerage firms and securities dealers;
  • other situations that result in amounts to be returned recognized by financial institutions.

Even those who made the consultation in the first stage and had nothing to receive should repeat the procedure in the second stage of the SVR. The expectation is that the new schedule of consultations and scheduling of withdrawals will also be carried out in stages, according to the year of birth of the account holder or the year the company was founded.

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