The first lady led an activity in Tecnópolis along with 1,000 girls and boys

The first lady led an activity in Tecnópolis along with 1,000 girls and boys

Fabiola Yañez in Tecnopolis.

The first lady, Fabiola Yañez, led the activity for the closing of the year of work in front of the Fundación Banco Nación de Argentina (FBNA), in which she brought together more than 1,000 girls and boys from the more than 450 soup kitchens that the institution attends throughout the year.

The event was at the Tecnópolis theme park and the proposal brought together references and assistants from the network of canteens that it has been accompanying around the country since 2020 with equipment for their kitchens and educational training.

“For me this event is one of the happiest moments of the year, we always look forward to this moment. It’s like meeting my family again, I know each one and they know me too. It is a very beautiful moment, the happiness of the boys has no name, ”said Yáñez.

Within the framework of the activity, the boys and girls enjoyed an entertaining walk through the recreational spaces of Tecnópolis: Identities, Mocap, Bichos, Tierra de Dinos, Factory and the Culture Auditorium, where they found art workshops on Collage and Assembly, Glitter and Makeup and Stamps and Screen Printing. In addition, they shared a snack provided by FBNA in the Gastronomic Islands.

“The message is that they have to keep dreaming, that everything is possible. I try to show them other possibilities. You encourage the boys so that they can put other purposes in their heads. Being able to bring them and have them attend the Electronic Arts Laboratory that we run together with the Siemens Foundation in Tecnópolis, where we can show them alternatives such as robotics and green hydrogen, arouses concern”explained Yáñez about the proposal that invites children from all over the country and communities of native peoples.

Fabiola Yáñez visited Tecnópolis


Then came the moment of surprise in the Nave de la Ciencia, a space dedicated to promoting scientific knowledge for children. There, a giant robot amused each and every one of those present. In addition, the girls and boys danced to the rhythm of the shows “El Sapo Pepe”, “Los Cazurros” and “Anda Calabaza”, which delighted their listeners with live music.

“I love them all. I love seeing them like this, they deserve it. Enjoy this”, expressed the first lady after giving a gift to each guest to celebrate Christmas: backpacks with toys, Christmas food and school supplies.

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