Rodríguez: The US has not been able to prove a single crime against Alex Saab

Rodríguez: The US has not been able to prove a single crime against Alex Saab

The president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, assured this Friday that more than two and a half years after the kidnapping of the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, on behalf of the United States, the court handling the case has not been able to prove a single crime against him.

«They have not been able to, they are not being able to at this moment in which the trial is taking place and of course, if there really were a small trace of dignity and truth left in the American justice system, there is no other decision, there is no other way, there is no other ruling, other than that court in Florida certifying Alex Sabb’s peace diplomat status and set him free.”

Rodríguez strongly questioned the fact that in the process that is being followed “they have gone so far as to bring as witnesses against him to the Florida court, those who tortured him in Cape Verde. Those who beat him and knocked out his teeth in Cape Verde are the star witnesses of that prosecutor who is trying to raise a non-existent case.

He said that prosecutor tries to twist the truth. “The truth is that Alex Saab went around the world looking for food so that our people would not give in and could resist the most brutal onslaught they have received in more than 150 years.”

He stressed that Alex Saab was one of the men designated by the government of President Nicolás Maduro to search throughout the world, in the midst of the severe economic blockade against Venezuela, for fuel, food, medicines and respirators to deal with the covid-19 pandemic. .

“That is the only crime for which the hatred of the justice system of the United States of North America is directed at Alex,” he said.

He considered it propitious to apply the phrase of Commander Chávez, which is also used by President Maduro, “Love is paid with love”, for this reason “this town will not leave the streets until we achieve, what I am sure we are going to achieve, the full freedom of our brother,” he said.

His statements were made at a rally in solidarity with the diplomat Alex Saab, convened by the National Assembly, near the parliamentary headquarters, where deputies and dozens of people expressed their support for the Venezuelan diplomat.

In this sense, the deputy of the Permanent Commission of Administration and Services of the AN, William Gil declared that the Bloque de la Patria defends Alex Saab because “he was the one who offered his help to bring food and medicine to each family.”

For his part, the deputy of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) for the Falcón state, Jorge Luis Chirinos, assured that they have no legal arguments of any kind to make a sentence or to arrest him. “The United States is not the one to decide a judgment on any citizen in the world, for its interests, it wants through Saab, to attack the people.”

Next, the National Assembly received Camila Fabri, wife of diplomat Alex Saab, to participate in the session in which the “Agreement in defense of respect for the status of Alex Saab as a diplomat” was approved.

This support of the people to the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab takes place 917 days after his kidnapping and a few days after they hear the final arguments on the case, at the Wilke Ferguson federal court in Miami.

The evidentiary hearing on his diplomatic status as Special Envoy ended satisfactorily last Tuesday, after the defense dismantled the false theories raised by the United States.

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